BZT: Bringing the Zenith of Trust

For the past decade, Bahar Zist Tehran’ s (BZT) mission has been to supply the highest quality medical equipment for laboratories, hospitals, health centers and generally every place where health plays the integral role. We have tried to serve our customers with a wide basket of services and equipments as a distributor and a producer.
We are especially proud of our sharp containers branded BZT Safety Box. It is recommended by Iran health authorities for public and private hospitals and health centers. They are produced in square and circular shapes in 1.5, 3, 5, 7, and 12 liter sizes.
Abilities and services:
– producing a certified sharp container of the highest quality in Iran branded BZT Safety Box
– capable of producing high quality sharp containers in any given number for different regions in the world.
– distributing international health products in Iran
– running one of the widest distribution networks in Iran
– having a broad basket of products( esp. of different testing items)
To progress in international markets, recently we have set up our office in Pavia, Italy, registered as ‘Pavia Sharp Container”.

Our mission for the next five years is to reach the highest quality in production as our slogan declares: ‘Bringing the Zenith of Trust”, to export our products to numerous regions and specifically throughout Europe bearing the highest standards.
We are prepared to cooperate whit reputable biomedical companies in producing and branding sharp containers and distributing products of high caliber.