Safety box (scientifically called sharp container) is a container made of petro-chemical polymers, able to keep sharp and cutting leftovers and also injection needles, which is completely disposable. It can be tightly sealed by its red cap and hygienically discarded after being filled and reaching the filling line. Due to its composing substances, Safety box can be disposed harmlessly in nature after getting discarded or burned. It is totally environmental friendly.

Special features:

– Its dimensions, depending on the size, are defined for 1.5, 3, 5, 7 and 12 liter volumes and in square shaped ones they are in 1.5, 3, and 5 liters.

– The opening on the red cap, which can be opened and closed by the movable part, makes it ready to use.

– The movable part is designed in a way that provides enough space to put items in by hand when open; however, it minimizes the chance of exit when closed in case of dropping.

– On the flat surface of the container, an filling line has been placed to show the maximum capacity.

– The grooves (teeth) designed on the opening provide the ability to remove sharp parts from their holders using just one hand without contaminating the other hand or other parts of Safety box.

– Safety box can be installed on the wall by holders in different sizes by which the users can replace a new one there after being filled. This makes the usage safer in that there will not be any movement when removing sharp parts using the grooves.

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-Square Sharp Containers

Modern Square Sharp Containers

The square shaped box is our brand new product for international markets which provides specific features. We have gained this technology after 3 years of meticulous research to have the most up to date design as well as producing the safest sharp container avoiding any sort of waste leakage.

The caps for this model, apart from detachers for different needles, have a specific feature for permanent locking up. A special insulation technology prevents any leakage out of the box and the cap.

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    3 liter safety box

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    1.5 liter safety box

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    5 liter safety box

Instructions for Sharp Containers
How to use:
After opening the cupboard box, take as many buckets as needed plus their compatible caps. Have in mind that the number of caps inside equals the number of buckets, so, you must take one cap for each bucket.
Each Safety box must have a handle. Put the door on the bucket and using a quite strong push, place it. The cap will be placed correctly in a 2 to 3 step push all around. Pay enough attention to have the cap placed correctly.
Safety box is ready to use. Have the covering cap available to use immediately after being filled and locking the movable cap. To lock the movable cap, use a push in the ‘close’ direction. Make sure it does not move backwards; it is locked then. Be careful that the door will be locked just once. After the locking procedure is complete, do not keep pressing it. When locked, place the covering cap on it.

Bahar Zist Tehran Safety boxes have special beneficiary features as follows:
– Easy to open and close the movable cap.
– Being safe and solid when the covering cap is attached.
– Solidity in the grooves part to remove needles.
– Very tiny space between the removable and the covering cap, avoiding the polluting discarded materials from getting out.
– The extra cover for the filled box to be placed on the top is a very special feature to avoid any risk in case of dropping the box. It is highly effective to move the full safety box.

Safety tips:
– Safety box must be used standing and on a flat surface.
– It must not be dropped. If it happens, place it back immediately and make sure nothing has moved out.
– Each Safety box has an indicator line for maximum volume. Whenever the line is reached, the box must be locked and the covering cap must be placed on the top.
– As soon as realizing that it is full, after capping it, move Safety box to the biomedical wastes section.